When Scarcity Creeps In...

Abundance is one of my favorite words, especially when I preach. A friend once told me she could play a drinking game during my sermons:

Abundant love. Drink.

Abundant grace. Drink.

Abundant welcome. Drink.

Of course, this would be dangerous, because she would soon be inebriated.

To my core, I believe that God’s love, grace, and welcome are abundant. Full. More expansive than we can ever grasp as humans. I preach it, teach it, (and, ya know, blog about it).

Living it, however, is proving to be much harder. These days, scarcity creeps in like an infestation. It starts with one thought: you don’t have enough time for your kids and work. And then invades my whole being: You don’t have enough hope. Enough faith. Enough closet space. Enough love. Enough exercise. Enough discipline….and before I know it, the voices of scarcity drown out the shouts of God’s expansive, radical, all-encompassing love. The good news that with God, there is always more than enough.

I’m trying to practice abundance. To believe that God’s love is more than enough, more than enough for me, and more than enough for the world. This means saying it, preaching it until I believe it, and sharing in community with others, God’s beloved children. Eating together. Praying together. Loving and laughing and forgiving together. Letting love and grace and welcome bubble up to the surface like a holy extermination of the negative voices.

This blessing, by author, artist, and minister Jan Richardson has been a balm to my soul. If and when scarcity starts creeping into your life, I invite you to join me in reading it. Praying it. Believing it. Drinking it in…

And the Table Will Be Wide

And the table

will be wide.

And the welcome

will be wide.

And the arms

will open wide

to gather us in.

And our hearts

will open wide

to receive.

And we will come

as children who trust

there is enough.

And we will come

unhindered and free.

And our aching

will be met

with bread.

And our sorrow

will be met

with wine.

And we will open our hands

to the feast

without shame.

And we will turn

toward each other

without fear.

And we will give up

our appetite

for despair.

And we will taste

and know

of delight.

And we will become bread

for a hungering world.

And we will become drink

for those who thirst.

And the blessed

will become the blessing.

And everywhere

will be the feast.

© Jan Richardson. janrichardson.com


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